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When soft stone does not mean poor stone !

It can take a while for a layman to understand how sometimes it is not the harder stone that make the longest standing building ! Take clunch limestone from Bedfordshire, it has been used on so many churches in that area and there are still standing. Of course when you see a piece of lunch your first thought are,

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View from the Post tension stone staircase cockpit.

That what future might look if we push specialising in post tension spiral stairs or floating staircase since now 2010 when we first use this technique on a portland stone staircase. The floating sensation for this known heavy material is quite destabilising. Especially with the thin throat of the stone  or marble steps.

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A new stone in our portfolio !

We added a new natural limestone for our stone stair and fireplaces. It took us a while to find this superb stone with its lovely feature. The base of this material is ivory and we are sure it is going to be a big saker. The strength of this stone is quite high and it will cope with no problem for our cantilever staircase or post tension steps. 

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