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When soft stone does not mean poor stone !

It can take a while for a layman to understand how sometimes it is not the harder stone that make the longest standing building ! Take clunch limestone from Bedfordshire, it has been used on so many churches in that area and there are still standing. Of course when you see a piece of lunch your first thought are,

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Ahh ! some nice pictures of stone stairs !

Unfortunately unknown photographer for this superb refurbishment in central London. The original cantilever staircase, with portland steps, is a great feature, no quarter landing, just a snake of a stair. Winding from Ground floor to the 2 nd floor. Note the tall handrail ! 1200 mm cast spindles ! The soffite was like some original italian, palladian stairwell, rendered with plaster. Enjoy this great setting ! ( look at the floor tiles too !)

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