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In Houzz we will Feature … and on yours too.

We have decided to join the great pictures website This practical very visual website might help us to guide in a better way our customers. Our news set of pictures will allow our stone staircase cantilever or not to better promoted to. If we can carry on make our material more widely available this would be great !

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And we carry on in our 18 steps program to beauty.

Here another picture of our stone staircase hanging from a wooden stud wall, it has been a challenge that we overcame easily. It was not again a project where you could provide reconstituted stone or wet cast concrete. The details at to be spot on and the fitting very finely tune. It is only with great precision that this can be done, craft and skills are the 2 pillars of stonemasonry ! Stone cantilever do not need to be palladian stair, or to be an ornate stone stair hanging from a solid wall.

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