Our New Masonry Workshop

The Stonemasonry Company Limited have been creating bespoke stone staircases and stone work for nearly 10 years, and it has been a goal of ours for some time to design and build a purpose built facility for the unique work that we do.

It has been nearly 2 years since we took the first steps towards creating our very own purpose built workshop and offices and things are really taking shape at our, soon to be, forever home.

August 2018

August 2018


In autumn last year the services were provisioned and the ground works were in full swing. 6 months later the site has been cleared of many tonnes of soil and the foundations are in place meaning we have been able to start construction on the workshops themselves. 

Whilst there is still more work to do the development of our new facility marks a huge milestone for the company, and should mean better service for our clients and better facilities for our staff. 

The new site will allow work at The Stonemasonry Company Limited to reach greater capacity, it will also mean we have less restrictions than we have at our current facility. This will include being able to introduce new technologies to our manufacturing process and increase our production capacity whilst giving us the ability to keep greater stock of our clients preferred materials. 


Our hope is that this fresh start, in a location that is completely designed for the companies needs, will mean that every project, whether it be more straightforward cantilever stone staircase, one of our complex floating stone staircases, using innovative post tensioning techniques, or a highly engineered stonework project, the workflow should be more efficient, making every one of our bespoke projects that much more straight forward to deliver. The workshop is only one part of this new workspace; with a bigger design and project office to come, we are incredibly excited about the next stage of our business development.


Watch this space for more news on our progress, as with all our projects, we can’t wait to show you the finished article.

Emma Garner