Introducing the new look!


Welcome to The Stonemasonry Company Limited’s brand new website!  We are so pleased to unveil our new look, after a lot of hard work and late nights we are very proud of what has been achieved.

Using the Mason’s Mark of Alex, one of our company founders, as inspiration, we have taken a traditional symbol of stonemasonry and used it in a modern setting.


Using the mark as a symbol of our quality, professionalism and excellence this reinforces the values of our small company. We pride ourselves on using traditional methods to achieve contemporary results and we feel that our new identity represents that.

Finally, we feel the layout of our new site is a simple and elegant showcase for the projects we have worked on, whether a Post Tensioned or Cantilever Stone Staircase, or more complex, highly engineered Stonework, the projects have the space to speak for themselves.

Watch this space for more news from the Team.

Thanks for reading.
The Stonemasonry Company Limited