Lyon, Capital of Stone staircase!


What a place, not only the Gastronomic capital of Fance but Lyon could be the capital of the Stone staircase !

From the 16 century with Philbert Delorm in the Vieux Quartier ( which was going to be erased for good in 1970 ) to the Canut stone staircase for the textile workforce of the 1900 ! This Capital of the Gaul is to be cross from North to South. The incredible imagination of the builders and architects is everywhere and the local burgundy stone with its bushammered finish and just raw from the pitch is could not deserve a better use. So much can be learn from looking at this amazing Structure. Please carry on believing in stone and its craftmen and women!

At the stonemasonry company, we do our best to emulate this great builders !

Robyn Russell