La maison du Geste. “The house of the skilled hand.”

It is not often described as this, but a workshop is a very living and noisy place. Pictures do not convey all the atmosphere of a stone workshop. The noise of the machine the hammer pneumatic or manual hitting the metal chisels. The dust which is now controlled and as minimal impact on the health of our workers. People always thinks of CNC machine but all the steps and stairs made of stone are done manually, using our mots delicate tools the hand ! It use to be in Portland that most of the work  was done but it is to forget that some traditional stone stairs and cantilever stairs, spiral or simply straight were developed all over the UK. The clipsham area with its local quarry Barnack stone, Ketton stone, Ancaster stone were all very busy.

In an hommage to all the limestone processed in the disctrict we have done this little panorama of all our staff working hard to carry on the work of our ancient !