The Stonemasonry Company was founded in 2009 by partners Paul and Alex, who today manage our growing team from our workshop on the outskirts of Rutland.


We specialise in bespoke natural stonework projects, seeing them through from concept and design through to manufacture, installation and completion. We combine traditional stonemasonry skills and expert carving with modern design technology and innovative engineering to create the best pieces for our clients. We create the highest quality pre-tensioned, post-tensioned, and reinforced stone staircases, as well as traditional cantilever flights and unique load bearing stone.

As part of our commitment to the craft we are in constant search of new and challenging designs – this has helped us to become pioneers in the creation of some of the most innovative pre and post tensioned stone staircases in the world.


Our Team

Whilst Paul takes care of logistics, Alex is dedicated to quality control, ensuring that nothing leaves our facility in less than perfect condition. We have an experienced team of in-house designers who work closely with project architects, and our engineering partners to meticulously plan our work. Our lead designer Jorge always is on hand to ensure that no detail is left to chance.


“We are so grateful for the seamless way you operate; it really does make life so much easier, not just for us but also our clients. The ideas, passion and knowledge you hold within your business is fantastic. Your craftsmanship is second to none and we are eternally grateful for our working relationship. Long may it continue!”

- Etienne Egloff, CEO Artisteel


Pierre, our knowledgeable and passionate project manager, supports our clients throughout the entire process from concept to delivery.

Meanwhile, our conscientious office manager Emma supports all of the teams within The Stonemasonry Company to ensure the smooth running of the business.

We are dedicated to supporting the future of stonemasonry, therefore our manufacturing and fitting teams often include apprentices as well as our more accomplished stonemasons, from both the UK and France.


“The team at The Stonemasonry Company certainly knows about the WOW factor! They designed and created a remarkable elliptic staircase for us at Camp End Manor – it is the very heart of the house and its beauty captivates every visitor.

The staircase represents outstanding design and engineering, but doesn’t tell the story of its inception and delivery, which was carried out with conscientious charm.”

- Daniel Mateos, Werner Capital LLP



We’ve collaborated with a range of different architects and designers worldwide, creating our beautiful stone staircases. You can see who we’ve worked with below.

3D Printing


In the past, in order to help us understand the spaces and volumes of a bespoke project, we have been asked by clients to create stone models. In recent months, however, we have found that a more cost-effective method for our clients is to produce bespoke 3D models using our in-house 3D printer. If a model is requested our design team oversee the production of these lightweight scale models, which are much easier to transport and handle than their stone counterparts. These models are also useful for testing our design theories and for showcasing more complex details. We feel that it is this commitment to new technologies that sets The Stonemasonry Company Limited apart from other companies.




The Stonemasonry Company Limited’s expert Project Manager, Mr Pierre Bidaud, gives an insight into creativity in stone.

Through the seminar Pierre explains how the use of complex engineering calculations alongside knowledge of the ancient art of stonemasonry gives rise to totally new ways of working with stone.

The Stonemasonry Company Limited team enjoys working in close collaboration with Architects and engineers, building long term relationships to set new standards for beautiful stonework in the construction industry, these CPD’s are a great start to the collaborative process.

Pierre would be happy to visit your offices to discuss our works and the potential of stone, and, of course, he will bring lunch. 

“The Stonemasonry Company Limited’s CPD offers that rare combination of a genuinely interesting subject presented in an engaging way by the charismatic and knowledgeable Pierre Bidaud. We thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and subsequently were delighted to work with Pierre and his team”

— Lees Associates


Workshop address

Garthope Lodge Farm, Garthorpe Road, Wymondham, Leicestershire, LE14 2BS

Correspondence Address

7 Heathcoat Road, Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire, NG33 4SA

Our hours of operation

8am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

We are located just on the outskirts of Rutland, a mere 20 minutes north of Peterborough train station. Trains depart from Kings Cross station every 30 minutes, and the journey to Peterborough takes as little as 50 Minutes.


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